Dear Pantherlovers!

This DVD is dedicated to all Panther drivers. In particular, it is dedicated to those who organize Panther meetings, to all those Panther drivers that are really driving Panthers, to those who make great efforts in strong exhibition presences and to those Panther drivers that take part in Panther meetings.

This DVD is intended to be a personal gift and it can’t be acquired by purchase!

From 1993 to 1997 we had a Kallista and we loved it. When our children were born we bought a Panther DeVille. The DeVille (“Daisy”) had to be restored and thus we had the idea to create our own website. Having received some brochures we thought of scanning information material. Since that time we have scanned all the Panther material. For us, the consequential step was this DVD.


Letter from Mr. Andrew Jankel